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Videos are very important to your business. Today, video converts better than anything else. It adds an element of liveliness to your brand that a simple photograph cannot do. By adding the right video to your website, you give it the human touch. Even the most skilled videographers, however, still do not understand what it takes to make a video go viral. At Web Explosions, we have been studying virality, contagiousness, social influence theory, and scientific design for over a decade. What we have come to understand after much rigorous research and implementation is that the most effective videos are the ones that cause an emotional reaction within the audience. But, it is very important to orchestrate the type of reaction you desire because the wrong emotion can definitely give your brand’s reputation. We create videos that harmonize with your brand’s image. These videos are both professional and contagious. The professionalism will put present your brand as a positive influence on the world, and the contagiousness will implore people to share your message with everyone that they know. We recommend that you choose the branding package because it incorporates all of our services. You may proceed to the process page to learn more about how we create effective brands.

However, we are fully aware that there are many businesses who only interested in videos and do not require other services. If you wish to only have video, then we can serve your needs. We have video connections with two studios outside of Web Explosions, namely in Bay Area, California and Austen, Texas.

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