Branding, Marketing, and Consulting fueled by your Personality Type.


A lot goes into creating an influential brand. Web Explosions follows a simple framework consisting of four stages in order to creating brands that matters.

  1. Identity
  2. Brand Structure
  3. Marketing Funnels
  4. Successorship


Every brand has its own touch, its own spark. That spark is fueled by the one who created the brand. Every company has its phoenix, the person who destroyed something old and created something new. Brands are fueled by archetypes and symbols that bring them to life. Without symbols, brands lose meaning and they become lifeless. At the stage of identity, we do a thorough personality assessment and life evaluation in order to assess the unique influence you will have over the brand you desire to create.

Brand Structure

Once we assess how your identity will influence your brand, we go on and develop the brand structure. We focus on its mission direction, customer analysis, we do a thorough business evaluation, logo design, website design, graphics, and video shoot.

Marketing Structure

Once the foundations of your business have been lain, it is essential that you  get your message out into the world. We help you craft the creatives in order for your message to spread like a virus. We do your business cards, brochures, sales sheets, marketing funnels, SEO, Social Branding, and opt-in sequences.


In order for a company to thrive, it must have a system of procedures in place. These procedures allow the company to be run without your presence. This way, your business functions like a machine, it works without your involvement, and you get paid regardless. We work with you to ensure that even after you retire from your company, it is left in good hands. By putting together the right systems and procedures in place, the company will know exactly what to do without having to bother you whenever something bad happens. The whole name of the game now is automation.