Branding, Marketing, and Consulting fueled by your Personality Type.


What is Umbrella Pages?


Umbrella Pages is a brand consultancy that works with small businesses and entrepreneurs in order to create brands and viral movements that are congruent with the client’s personality structures. By aligning a brand with a personality, we give that brand a timeless existence. Many things change in life, but a personality is not one of them. The personality is the most fundamental attribute of a person.

Throughout our lives, we seek to capture the world in the likeness of our own image. We want to leave a mark on the world, and we want to be remembered for the things we left behind. And, isn’t that what we all want, anyway? Don’t we want to create something magnificent? Don’t we want to create something that transcends our flesh, something that changes the world? Umbrella Pages s is a company that helps its clients write new chapters in the human story. Maybe we’ll be able to rewrite history.

Umbrella Pages was founded on the principles that every company needs the human touch. We believe that transparency and love should be at the foundation of every enterprise. Every company, every business, must tell a story, and this story must add to the greater story of the world. We are here to capture humanity in its finest moments, and we are here to help entrepreneurs and small businesses create brands that add to the legacy of the world.